Seniors Driving Safely

About Who We Are


Are you, or is someone you know struggling with the issue of age-related diminishing driving skills?

Are you concerned about mom or dad’s driving?

Are you unsure of how to address the driving issue with your loved-one…not sure how to initiate “the talk”?

Do you live away from a loved-one and simply aren’t sure if their driving is safe or not?

Are you a professional that is faced with this issue in a work setting on a regular basis?

Are you an older driver looking for tips and suggestions on how to extend your safe driving career?

We Can Help!

We at Seniors Drivers Safely can do a sit down and an on road evaluation with any senior.

After the evaluation I go over the assessment with the senior driver as well as any family members and discuss the evaluation. At that time I make recommendations and will even talk with senior driver about retiring from driving.